Modeling Multi-Walls Nanotubes!

The Multi-Walled Nanotube (MWNT) builder is located under the Build menu. It generates multiple nanotubes with wall separation of 3.43 A aligned along the z-axis. You can choose the indices n and m (to define the type of chirality), type of the atoms, bond length, repeat units (to define the length of MWNT) and the number of walls in MWNT. All unit distances are in angstrom. The user can see the updated values of diameter inner nanotube and the length of MWNT as the n, m and repeat unit parameters are changing in the widget. Like SWNT, in MWNT the user can build hexagonal boron nitride nanotube (BNNT), hexagonal boron phosphide nanotube (BPNT), hexagonal aluminum phosphonate nanotube (AlPNT) and hexagonal aluminum nitride nanotube (AlNNT) in the form of multiple walls structures. Examples of MWNT are shown in Figure 3. You can save the generated file into XYZ ( for example:, PDB ( for example: MWNT.pdb), LAMMPS, (for example: and GROMACS format (for example: MWNT.gro).